About Sharon

Teaching Executive MBAs at Stanford GSB

Expert Panel Presentation
Association of Change Management Professionals

Keynote, Myers Briggs Conference
Leading In Tough Times: Five Must-Do’s

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I have 30+ years of partnering with clients to improve their leadership, accelerate  change, and achieve their company and personal goals

  • Venture-backed to Fortune 50 companies
  • Thousands of leaders
  • Hundreds of teams
  • Instructor at Stanford GSB
  • International speaker
  • Published author

Practical Approach

We'll tailor my proven methodology to fit your organization. And we'll always focus on generating results that matter.

  • Prioritize outcomes
  • Describe success tangibly
  • Build on strengths
  • Own up to shortcomings
  • Surface barriers
  • Align on actions
  • Get to it
  • Midcourse refinement
  • Results delivery

A True Partner

My most successful clients demonstrate:

  • Passion for their business
  • Mutual respect, honesty, and trust
  • Commitment to make change
  • Eager to discover, grow, improve
  • A sense of humor and feet of clay

What You Get When You Choose Me:

  • Business-driven
  • Fierce advocate and supporter
  • Teller of tough truths
  • Balancing EQ and IQ
  • Personal and professional development
  • Operating experience
  • Practical actions to take

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