Don't Be a Jerk at Work

You would think that this would go without saying. I know you aren't that person; that you're planning to repost this article so "that person" will spot it, read it, see the light and stop being a jerk. I've certainly worked with a few big time jerks in my life, and it's a terrible... Continue Reading

World's Simplest Leadership Model

I attended a great session at the Neuroleadership Institute's annual Summit -- Rebooting Leadership Development. I got really pumped up and am inspired me to repeat a post from my original blog, Leading Large, written in 2010. It's resonated with so many clients since 2006... Continue Reading

Seven Reasons You Need a Change Coach

As an organizational leader, you’ve surely been responsible for a few major initiatives, whether as the executive sponsor, the initiative leader, or a Steering Committee member. Why should you work with a Change Coach?... Continue Reading

Improving Business Results Using the MBTI

Being a long-time consultant to senior leaders in companies of all sizes, and being a ‘textbook’ ENTP, you won’t be surprised to learn that I’m a data junkie for information on how leaders can guide their organizations to success. I pay particular attention to studies released by global consultancies, as they invest ample resources to conduct large, statistically significant studies. I leverage the knowledge produced by such studies to help prospective clients see how the ‘developmental’ work they’ve requested can produce the tangible business outcomes... Continue Reading

Inside Out, Outside In

Defining leadership in the 21st century is not a straightforward task. There are complexities at every turn: governmental influences, globalization of markets, new organizational structures, multi-national workforces, technology innovations, and the ever-accelerating pace of change.

But however we define leadership, we can probably agree that being a leader requires two elements — a destination, and people who will be led. The question is, how do we help leaders to succeed in their role and accelerate their growth, no matter... Continue Reading


Don't Change. Shift Right.

If you've been leading a company or organization for any amount of time at all, you've certainly heard that your organization has to be like the shark that has to 'swim or die.' Your organization must, by this thinking, have to change or die. Meaning that if you keep doing the same things for the same audiences, and you don't keep up with the environment around you (new discoveries, technologies, ideas, new people and ways of thinking) or you don't pay attention to new competitors, and get new customers, chances are you won't last long. This would be what we, in the business, call a "fear motivator." It definitely does NOT bring out the creative, innovative juice in your organization. But how often do you talk to your organization about the need to change?... Continue Reading

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