Leadership Effectiveness

"Sharon worked with the leaders in my group to develop and enhance our leadership capabilities to drive better collaboration, higher results, and more satisfying work environment. I found her coaching extremely beneficial to me and my peers. It was very easy to see the results of her work transforming the team dynamics and accelerating the individual growth." - Afsaneh Laidlaw  Vice President, Engineering at Cisco Systems

Executive Coaching

It's less lonely at the top when you work with an executive coach, whose priority is to be a thought and journey partner as you clarify your goals, understand your impact, explore new behaviors, reflect on results, and continue your journey toward being the leader you want to be.

A typical coaching engagement involves weekly or bi-weekly meetings for 6 months, with phone and email access between meetings. If you'd like to explore whether coaching is right for you and whether we'd make good partners, schedule a free consultation with me. I'm eager to hear your story.

Leading Change

If you're leading an important change in your organization -- whether integrating an acquisition, improving processes, changing your culture or deploying a new technology -- you're on the hook to produce lasting value.  Since 70% of all major changes fail to achieve their intended goals, you need a real game-changer, a superpower, if you will.

Through Change Hero© coaching, you receive a personalized partnership to help you beat those odds. Using a proven process, we'll work together every step of the way -- as you architect the change, align and engage the right colleagues, leverage resistance, and use the power of your people to realize the benefits expected of the change.

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