Organizational Change

"We brought in Sharon to facilitate multi-day workshops with 20-30 cross-functional leaders each day. Her knowledge of strategic planning and large group facilitation were invaluable to the success of our programs. I would highly recommend Sharon for business planning, facilitation, or any large group and down to individual coaching for performance." - Kim Arnold, Senior Director of Operations & Innovation, Blue Shield of California


Values and Culture

Values shape behaviors. Behaviors define culture. Culture forms the backbone for your organization's success.

Your company's culture is developing whether you're paying attention or not. The daily actions and decisions taken shape your culture. Rewards, like recognition, promotions and compensation, signal what you value.

Leaders can intentionally attend to culture, or let it grow naturally. And, like a garden, if you plant the seeds early, it's easy to tend and shape it as it grows. Once it's ingrained, changing it is a more complex endeavor.

If you are passionate about building a culture that will accelerate your success as a company, call me. It's never too early to start tending this garden.


Organizational Problem-Solving

Organizations grow and develop just like people do. And each stage of growth offers both challenges and opportunities. How well are you anticipating customer needs? What's causing innovation to slow? Can your front line employees affect your strategy? Tackling such issues can often benefit from skilled design and facilitation.

The issues are complex. What got us here, what pain points matter most, what are we solving for? At times like these, an outside facilitator can be invaluable -- seeing what you no longer notice, saying what your folks can't or won't say, offering fresh perspective and experiences earned over years and across industries.

When you're ready to step back and figure out what's holding your organization from its full potential, let me know. I love bringing clarity to the complex.

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