Team Building

"Sharon conducted a workshop on the MBTI to our Stanford Sloan Fellows, a talented and bright group with very diverse backgrounds. She did so masterfully. Her energy and positive attitude make her a winning presenter. In fact, the students gave Sharon the highest ratings for both content and delivery. We look forward to having her back next year!" - Marie Mookini, Former Exec Director, Stanford GSB Exec MBA program

Clear Purpose and Goals

Effective teams are aligned on purpose, mission, and goals. Does your group know what they need to accomplish, and how to recognize (and measure) success? If not, start here, and take the time to sync up. In detail. You'll dramatically increase your team's likelihood of success.

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High Performing Team

How well does your team communicate with one another, and with other groups in your organization? Do they work well together or is there tension in the air? Up-skill your team, and avoid the misunderstandings and damaged relationships that can slow them down unnecessarily.

Let's brainstorm together what it would take to get your team working like a well-oiled machine. With brains, of course.

Productive Conflict

Does your team avoid conflict, grumble after meetings, or avoid accountability? Teams that make the best decisions can incorporate all perspectives, make it safe to disagree and debate, and learn to course correct in an environment of mutual respect.

Call to discuss your team's blind spots, from Accountability to Zeal, and we'll find a solution that will turn your meetings into magic.

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